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I'm bound by neither the past nor the present, but always looking to the future. I live my life with a constant soundtrack encapsulated in song and rhyme.   

It's been said of me that "Thomas Michael Link, is an artist that's dedicating to perfecting and honing his craft and is determined and obsessed with music and writing but doesn't define himself in any one genre of music, a fact that is evident in his songs and composition."

I think that sums it up pretty well.  

I am a songwriter and singer. Not in the acoustic, strummy kind of way, but in a way that always challenges me to make something new.  I write the songs and sing them.  I create a dynamic and eclectic musical experience that draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of genres.


My style is a fusion of rock's raw energy, the catchiness of pop, the rebellious spirit of punk-pop, the soulful undertones of blues, the improvisational flair of jazz, and the vibrant rhythms of big band and swing. Through my music, I aim to take you on a journey that seamlessly blends these influences, resulting in a sound that's both familiar and refreshingly unique.


From emotive ballads to high-energy anthems, my music reflects the tapestry of my diverse musical passions, creating a sonic landscape that's meant to resonate with your emotions and get you moving



Known for his exceptional blend of poetic insight, philosophical depth, and musical prowess, Thomas stands as a true renaissance artist. With a background steeped in the humanities and a lifelong passion for music, he has crafted a unique artistic identity that resonates with audiences across genres and generations.

From his university life, where he immersed himself in the worlds of English literature, religious studies, and philosophy, to his personal reading and travels, Thomas cultivated an understanding of the human condition and the intricate nuances of language. His undergraduate journey helped refine his poetic and lyrical insight.


Thomas embarked on his creative odyssey at an early age. He grew up listening to his father play everything from Bach to Beethoven, to the latest television theme songs on his Hammond organ.  His mother, an aspiring writer, infused him with a love of literature and literary imagination.   


By 12, Thomas was already weaving melodies and crafting stories through songwriting. His musical journey began even earlier, as he picked up the drumsticks at 8, paving the way for his rhythmic sensibility. The stage eventually became his canvas, as he toured the nation and graced iconic venues such as the Whiskey a Go Go and the Roxy in Hollywood, CA, leaving an indelible mark with bands like Torch, Headspace, and Kat and the Rhythm Rats.


Thomas 's voice isn't confined to instruments alone; he's also a vocalist who adds his soulful timbre to his compositions. His journey as a musician has been remarkable, with his songs charting on Billboard, iTunes, and Spotify, a testament to the universal appeal of his craft.

Thomas 's artistic interest extends beyond the realms of music. As a poet and philosopher, his lyrical muse finds a parallel in his written expressions. With an ability to distill complex ideas into elegant prose, he navigates the landscapes of thought, emotion, and spirituality, inviting listeners and readers to reflect on the tapestry of existence.

Thomas’s music is a diverse tapestry woven from the threads of rock's energy, the introspection of poetry, and the resonance of philosophical inquiry. With a distinctive voice and a deeply rooted artistic philosophy, Thomas continues to search, grow, and evolve seeking to captivate hearts and minds, inviting audiences to join him on a journey of self-discovery and sonic exploration.

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