Music is my raison d'être.  I'm bound by neither the past nor the present, but always looking to the future.  Still I grew up listening to sounds before my time: Big Band, Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Rock: Elvis and Little Richard, the Beatles, the Doors, Classic Rock: Van Halen, Elton John, the Cars - and the era closest to my musical soul Grunge: Sound Garden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana, Tool, Alice In Chains, Jane's Addiction. 


Still, I love Pop: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, especially Bruno Mars - and Indie Rock: The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant, the Raconteurs, and Jack White. 

Do I sound like any of these?  Perhaps, at times (and I would be flattered if you thought so).  But I strive to only be myself - in time, out of time, beyond time, or from no time you can identify at all.

I apologize if I'm too retro, too modern, or too - whatever.  I am not staying wedded to one genre or one style of music.  I am literally a singer/songwriter. Not in the acoustic, strummy kind of way, but in a way that always challenges me to make something new.  I write the songs and sing them.  I work with my betters to play the parts I cannot (or at least to do it better than I can).  I play guitar, bass, drums, and a little harmonica. But my focus now is on Songs, Songs, Songs!

I hope you like some of my music. There is always more on the way. If you do like, I hope you buy a song or two perhaps I'll be coming to play at a music venue near you soon.  If not, well it's a labor of love and I never let them tell me to give up before, so I can't quit now.