My Songs.

Music is my raison d'être.  I'm bound by neither the past nor the present, but always looking to the future. I live my life with a constant sound track encapsulated in song and rhyme.   


Still, I love Pop: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, especially Bruno Mars - and Indie Rock: The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant, the Raconteurs, and Jack White.

Do I sound like any of these?  Probably not (although I would be flattered if you thought so).  No, I strive to only be myself - in time, out of time, beyond time, or from no time you can identify at all.  I apologize if I'm too retro, too modern, or too - whatever.  I am literally a singer/songwriter.  I write the songs and sing them.

You get to hear my upcoming releases here: